About Us

365 Body Love LLC, is a handcrafted family brand creating all-natural skin care products for your face and body. For us 365 Body Love was birthed after our children who all suffered from seasonal eczema continued to have flareups even with prescription skin creams that were sometimes making matters worse as time went on. They would temporary help, but then things would change as the weather changed leaving their skin dry and itchy. Furthermore, our eldest daughter also suffered from normal teen acne and had begin to resent her skin after failed steroid topical creams and OTC products.  So we spent time researching and understanding skin conditions, which are not all one type fits all and started making our own facial scrubs and body butter. Our first product which was a staple was our African Facial Scrub.  It begin to pull all her toxins to the surface and leveled her skin out, leaving it clear and smooth from blackheads and severe breakouts.  From there I noticed an immediate change in our kids skin as well with the whipped body butter that I included some key oils after care researching and trying recipes.

Maybe I was onto something I thought...I just wished we had did this sooner, but it is never too late to make changes even if it is small. The family and I were also intentional in only using what I made.  I wanted to know if it was more than just what they ate, but also what they used on their skin, mainly from OTC products which contained ingredients I could never say nor knew what they meant.  Months went by...and we are still going strong with no flare ups.  Being intentional with our products was helpful to truly understanding our skincare and what worked and did not work.  We believe that great skin takes commitment, time and understanding of products.  

We are excited that you chose to journey with us 365 days of the year and hope you will “Try • Love • Repeat” our products. Our goal is to offer natural handcrafted skincare products that addresses your specific needs. We only create items that provide nourishing support with natural and safe ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce. Our products are always made fresh in small batches and have no artificial additives or preservatives, parabens, or skin irritants.

Our ethical promise to you is that we will never test on animals or knowingly purchase from suppliers that allow such acts of cruelty. We are 100% committed to offering a natural, vegan-friendly, sustainably sourced and cruelty-free product. 

Try us out and let us know how we can support you on this journey!