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The Asè candle is amazing. The aroma filled the whole house and I’m absolutely in love. The professionalism and presentation of products are world class. I was beyond pleased with my purchase!

Kellie M.

Since using your soap followed up with the relief butter for my 4 children has been amazing. The flare ups have lessened tremendously and their skin feels amazing after bath and waking up. Keep doing what you are doing as us moms love and support you!

Leah T.

This bar has become a staple in our household. My littles have eczema, and the change in weather has wreaked havoc on my 4-year-old’s skin—it’s been so dry and flaky—and this soap has been a lifesaver. I haven’t let it run out since I ordered the first bar!

Brandy R.

Received this as a surprise birthday gift from my friend Van. From the first time I used it, it made my skin feel like it was being coated in velvet. The smell was calming and soothing. I used it before bed and it help me relax and sleep better too. I told my cousin Sonya about it and she ordered right away without even trying mine. I only wish it came in bucket size. I will definitely be ordering this for myself as well as for gifts for family and friends.


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