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White Sage Sticks with Rose Petals


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Our White Sage bundles with rose petals have been known to be used for meditation, divination, cleansing and more. Roses have been known to impart energy, whether it be love, peace, abundance, spiritual attainment, purification and more.

Rose imparts the energy of love, abundance, and spiritual attainment.

How to use:
For herbal bundles simply light the end on fire. Allow the bundle to burn for a moment and blow out the flame. The herb bundle will then smolder producing the smoke used to cleanse. Catch the ashes in a heat-resistant dish. (An abalone shell is traditional, but you can use a smudge pot, incense burner, or even a regular ceramic plate, as long as you put something under it.) Smudge sticks can be extinguished in a dish of sand and re-used many times. Of course, never leave burning smudges unattended.

Size: 4"

Disclaimer: Please use discretion when using sage as allowing the sage fire to flame is not safe. Please use at your own risk. Keep away from children.  Use caution when using sage and never leave unattended or use near items that can cause a fire. This is a hand tied natural item so please allow some variance from item to item.