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White Sage Stick

$6.00 USD

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Do you sage or “smudge” your home, office personal space? Why or why not? Speaking of those things you wish to remove through prayer, chanting etc. We have restocked our small sages just in time as we transition from one season to the next. Sage in your own unique way and how you see fit! It’s your space be mindful of the things you allow to occupy It. 

Smudge sticks, especially white Sage, have been used for centuries for cleansing and purifying people, objects and spaces. It said that a house cleansing should take place a couple of times a year. A smudge stick kit is also an ideal new home present.

Use: To use the stick you light the tip and then blow it out again, a bit like using an incense stick. 

Disclaimer: Please use discretion when using sage as allowing the sage fire to flame is not safe. Please use at your own risk.

Size: small white sage 

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