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Loofah Face Pads (2)


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Our Luffa or as known as Loofah face pads created from a plant seed pod is a essential piece to keep as part of your daily regime. The fibers of our loofah help exfoliate and gently remove dead skin cells from your face. The pads are biodegradable and help stimulate your skin’s blood circulation while allowing for a smooth and clearer skin.  Perfect to use 2-3 times per week with a facial cleanser, followed up with a toner then moisturizer. May also be used on small areas of your body using a body wash or bar soap.

Size: 2.5in 

Directions: Wet pad with warm water and apply with cleanser to face. Gently massage over your face and neck area in a circular motion to exfoliate. Once you wet it, it expand and curve to fit on two fingers. Allow pads to dry in between uses by hanging to dry.