Lemon my Grass Body Oil

Lemon my Grass Body Oil

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Our 365 body oil helps moisturize skin especially as we approach much warmer months. Apply to running bath water (be careful to avoid slipping) as this is 100% oils; apply to skin after showering or as needed to moisturize skin. 

Size: 8 fl oz.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Fragrance & Flowers.

Sunflower Oil - a great oil that is loaded with essential fatty acids, including omega-6 and -9 as well as Vitamin e, all which have been reported to aid dry skin and may also help with skin clarity. It has known for its great antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in skin repair , irritants, and helps fight off skin radicals.

Grapeseed Oil - A great Oil that helps to remove dark spots and acne scars.  It has also been known to have anti-aging properties, stimulate the repair of skin collagen at a cellular level, and balances out oily skin. 

Sweet Almond Oil - a wonderful oil that contains high levels of vitamin E, and has numerous antioxidant and skin renewing properties.  It soothes dermatitis, and helps to lighten scars, and also naturally cleans out pores with its penetrative properties. 

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