Let's FACE It - ACNE

Let's face it, we've all dealt with acne in some part of our lives. For many it's an ongoing battle with treatments, medicines, diet etc. I remember during the onset of 365 Body Love, one of our first products was an activated charcoal with tea tree facial scrub.  Our eldest at the time was at the peak of "teenage acne" and was frustrated with typical acne creams and medicines both from her doctor and OTC.  When I created the scrub, It was not to alleviate her acne, but more so help her reduce the recurrence of acne-flareups and not aggravate her existing acne. 

My advice to her as a mom was to ensure she followed directions for any acne remedy she was going to use.  We wanted to move past prescription acne medicine's and more to natural and organic options. 

We quickly made notes of when she would have flare ups, what her triggers were (menstrual, food, exercise, water intake, hormone, stress and more).  Our goal was not to "cure" her acne if you will, because here at 365 Body Love we do not aim to cure, but simply find alternative ways to healing and alternative skincare regimes.

So fast foward...

I went to researching and made lots of trials and errors while making notes along the way. 

I decided we would transition to a gentle cleanser that was geared towards problematic skin (I.e. acne, blemishes etc). So that's when our Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree facial bar was birthed.  The facial bar was a great and effective antibiotic facial cleanser that helped fight the bacteria in her skin while helping restore her clear skin. The tea tree oil had great antibiotic properties and served as a mild anesthetic that would soothe her inflamed and irritated skin.

I learned that oily skin is prone to acne, because there is an imbalance - over producing oil trapping dirt and debris into the skin - hence leading to acne.

With consistent use of our scrub 1-2 times a week, morning and night use of our facial cleanser coupled with a mild toner and blemish-prone serum she found love for her skin again.  What more could a mother ask for! :)

365 Tip! Never remove your acne pimples by hand as a way to clear your skin - you will never win and will only leave behind scars.  Don't touch your face except to gently wash/tone/moisturize your face. Remember clearing acne the right way, takes patience and incorporates more than just a face regimen, but drinking lots of water, rest, reducing stress, proper hygiene, hormonal balance and more.

Note: Not all skin is unique, please refer to your dermatologist should you have any questions or concerns regarding your skin care needs.


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